Due to the remodel of the Art building, the new location for our upcoming meetings, until further notice, will be Engineering 117, the Rotunda.  This building is in the center of campus so please see the map link on our home page.  Pretty much any parking lot would be fine. Hope to see you there!…

Spring Camp Delany Challenge

It is here!  What you have been waiting for!  The Spring Camp Delany observers challenge!  This year, the theme will be sketching and we will have a class from our friend, Mark Simonson, on sketching!  Hope to see you there! 2017 Spring Camp Delany Challenge

Updated Calendar

Hi Folks, There is an updated calendar on the website as of January 27, 2017 due to changes to our March and May meetings.  You can find the new calendar here. We hope to see you there!

January Meeting Recap

We had a great meeting.  We were especially grateful for Dr. Kim Bott talking to us about planetary atmospheres and polarimetry, using polarized light to reveal liquid on exoplanets.  We also had a video from Dr. Filippenko.  Please note that next month will be our annual banquet with an update on the Kepler Mission by Dr. Jeff…

December Potluck

We had a great time at our annual Holiday Potluck!  Not as many people there as we had competition with the Seahawks game but there was great food and wonderful desserts!  See you all next year!  

November Meeting Recap

Thanks to all the folks who came to our meeting tonight even though the Seahawks were playing on Monday night football! We had a great meeting.  We had the last installment of our constellation talks with  Libra and Piscis Austrinus. Cliff started a new series about practical astronomy, starting with a talk on magnitude. I am…