Spring Camp Delany Star Party has been cancelled!

With heavy hearts, we are announcing that the Spring Camp Delany Star Party has been canceled by the State of Washington due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  For those of you who paid already, Jeff will transfer your payment to Fall unless you contact him otherwise at: campdelanycoordinator@olympicastronomicalsociety.org    

Holiday potluck fun

We had another wonderful holiday potluck this year! Thank you Dutch for the laugh! It was great getting caught up and the food was fantastic! Cliff received his hard earned Planetary Nebula award and I received my Constellation Hunter Program award.Happy holidays to everyone!  

Camp Delany Artwork by Jennifer Harold

     One of our favorite places to visit twice a year is the OAS’s Camp Delany Star Party. This star party is held in the beautiful Sun Lakes State Park.  The geology is stunning and the night skies are awe-inspiring.  We get to spend this time with friends from all over the state.  Some…

Fall Camp Delany Recap

We had a wonderful time this last Camp Delany.  We had one night, Thursday, that was an all-nighter with a couple of hours on Friday.  Even though the weather did not cooperate, it was wonderful to see all our astronomy buddies again!  Thanks to Hazen high school students and all folks attending for their hard…

August meeting recap

I would like to thank Mark Prouty for his great talk about the road to the moon!  If you weren’t there, you missed a good one!  Also, thank you to Dean Kelley for sharing his amazing astrophotos of the sun!  Enjoy the pictures below!

Lunar Party a great success!

Our Lunar party up at Hurricane Ridge was full of great people and fantastic night sky. I have to say that it fills my heart to show all the people their first look at Saturn and Jupiter. Many of them had never seen the Milky Way. They had such awe in them! And for them…


Camp Delany sign up form   We are so excited for our upcoming fall Camp Delany, September 25th through the 29th!  RV spots are limited so contact Jeff if you are interested in bringing an RV but plenty of bunkhouse space available!  If you have any questions, please email Jeff at campdelanycoordinator@olympicastronomicalsociety.org.  Hope to see…