About us

About us

Our club was formed in 1969 by several high school students interested in astronomy. Today, the Olympic Astronomical Society (O.A.S.) is composed of ordinary, everyday people, (well, maybe some are not so ordinary) who have interests ranging from the very technical to just plain old-fashioned star-gazing. You do not need a telescope or binoculars to be a member. All that is required is a fascination with the night sky and a thirst to learn more about the wonders of our Universe. Our membership is composed of the very young to the very mature and experienced. All of our events and outings are oriented toward the family. Come and join us!

And now for the technical stuff!

Our Mission Statement

The Olympic Astronomical Society was formed to provide a forum for amateur astronomers wherein they may exchange ideas and act together to further amateur astronomy, to sponsor astronomical observing for the amateur and the public through observing sessions and educational lectures/seminars and to cooperate with the community and its governmental, civic, educational, and religious organizations for the pursuit of, recording of, and dissemination of astronomical observation and knowledge.