The Fall Camp Delany sign up form is here!

Our Meetings

Where:  Olympic College, Engineering Rm 117, Bremerton WA

 See Map Here. The Engineering building is in the middle of campus, and room 117 is the round room called the Rotunda.

Date: September 10, 2018

Time:  7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

August Talks: 

-Cosmology-The Really Big Picture- Dr. Filippenko

-Exploring Pegasus and Andromeda-Cliff

-Camp Delany Overview


For more information, check out the current blog post here!


                              Our Star Parties

Hurricane Ridge Star Party

The southern view from Hurricane RidgeHurricane Ridge Star Party
The southern view from Hurricane Ridge

The OAS hosts several star parties every year.  During the summer, around the new moon, we have our star party up at Hurricane Ridge in the heart of the Olympic Mountains.  This is a one-night event in an extremely dark site overlooking Mount Olympus and the neighboring mountains.  The southern skies are excellent not to mention the awesome beauty of the mountains!  This is a free star party, except for the entrance fee to the Olympic National Park.

Camp Delany Star Party

The scope field at Camp Delany

The scope field at Camp

Camp Delany Star Party

Camp Delany Star Party

Our semi-annual 4-night event is our Camp Delany Star Party hosted in the beautiful Sun Lakes State Park at their environmental learning center.  This party occurs in the spring and the fall.  There is a fee to attend but all your meals are provided and bunkhouses are available as well as hot showers!  This dark site is in Eastern Washington and the views are endless. It is quite the friendly, family-oriented affair! Come and join us for loads of fun!


Want to join our club?  Click here for more information!

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi, Linda: some members may recall that on Sunday, August 19th, I am hosting a star party at the Inn at Port Ludlow, beginning shortly after 8:30 p.m. I hosted one a month ago at the Inn when sixteen people turned up to look at Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. This coming event presently has forty people coming, chiefly to hear my friend Dr. Kathryn Volk talk about discoveries in the field of extra solar planets. I distributed flyers at the June OAS meeting, and the projected turn-out is really going to challenge my ability to make sure everyone sees the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. I could sure use some help. If ANYONE wants to join us, ring me up at 909-844-2120. I’ll fill in all the details, which includes a Sunday afternoon wine and cheese social at my home in Port Ludlow, where you can spend some quality time with Kathryn. I hope to hear from you.

    Mark Rader

  2. I want to thank the members of the Olympic Astronomical Society who were observing the 2017 eclipse in Durkee, Oregon. I had the pleasure to share the site with them and they were very welcoming in sharing views with their telescopes and giving great on-the-spot eclipse lessons. Thanks to all of you!!

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