Port Gamble star party cancelled

The star party at Port Gamble is cancelled for tonight as the site is still closed. Some of us are going up to Hurricane Ridge if you care to join us. The night sky looks like it will be amazing and it doesn’t look to cold although there are still snow patches. 


We have a new opportunity for a star party in June.  Our friends John Benham and Chuck Barnard want to invite you to Logan Valley Star Party in Oregon, south of John Day.  It is in the beautiful Malheur National Forest with plenty of room.  Click here for more information! 

February Banquet Recap

We would like to thank Dr. Kim Bott from the University of Washington for her great talk about Polarimetry last night.  It is an amazing thing to learn about science as it develops.  To be able to detect what type of atmosphere there is on extra solar planets would be an amazing thing. Thank you…

Camp Delany Fall 2017

We had a wonderful time at Camp Delany.  The weather did not cooperate, giving us only 2 nights of a few hours of viewing.  Wednesday night we had about 2 hours with the night resulting in poor transparency and 90 percent humidity!  Thursday and Friday were a bust but we had wonderful times visiting with…

Camp Delany Astrophoto

Check out this amazing astrophoto of NGC 7023, the Iris Nebula, a bright nebula in Cepheus.  There is a lot of cosmic dust surrounding the massive young stars in it’s center!  Thank you Al Tuttle for sharing.  See more of Al’s amazing photos at:  http://www.alberts-astro.com/astro/Astropics/2014-2017/index.html