September Night Skies-Saturn and Jupiter

With September coming, we are also getting longer night skies. The constellations from summer are still around for us to see as we can view earlier. In summer, we can start viewing around 10 PM to 11 PM while, in September, we can start viewing at about 9 PM or even earlier! If you can stay up until sunrise, you will start to see the winter constellations of Orion and Taurus. The great constellation of Pegasus and Andromeda will be prominent as well as Cassiopeia and Ursa Major.

Saturn and Jupiter are still very prominent in the night sky. They are up all night and would be beautiful to look at even with strong binoculars. Also, Neptune will be at opposition mid-September, so, if you have an 8″ or larger telescope and a good star chart, it would be a great time to look for it just under the head of Pisces.

Saturn Rising: 6:30 PM Meridian Transit: 11:00 PM

Jupiter Rising: 7 PM Meridian Transit: 12 AM

Moon Phases

New moonSeptember 6, 202105:52:01 PM236,031 miles
First quarterSeptember 13, 202101:41:20 PM226,155 miles
Full moonSeptember 20, 202104:54:44 PM243,024 miles
Last quarterSeptember 28, 202106:58:24 PM250,220 miles

Saturn, Jupiter can be seen from the Fayetteville area in late summer