September 3rd Hurricane Ridge Star Party

     We had a great time up at Hurricane Ridge on the 3rd.  Jeff and I decided to trust Mr. Danko at and go on up.  Sometimes I think that Mr. Danko does not report the weather but actually controls it! The site stated that at 8 o’clock there would be a 10 percent cloud cover and at 9 o’clock it would be clear. Well, it sure did not look that way on the way up.  Heavy large clouds surrounding the mountain and even mist, but, sure enough, it cleared up for us right on time.

     The dew was a force of it’s own but was workable.  We went up with our friends Frank and Dwight to meet John.  We met several astronomers from Sequim who came up to help us and to view the sky.  We had a large group of public that wanted to look.  They left around 11 PM. We did get a couple of hours of personal viewing until the dew and the cold drove us out at around midnight.  It was 36 degrees and 99 percent humidity by the time we broke down the scopes, however the seeing was good enough for me to pick up a magnetude 14 plantary nebula!  All in all, it was a great night to end the Hurricane Ridge season for us!  Now on to Camp Delany!  See you on the Ridge next year!