Port Gamble Star Party

Well, the star party season is upon us. My tiredness is a testament to that! We had a great star party last night at Port Gamble.  We had already been going during the past week as the moon has not been out and the sky was pretty clear.  Last night was about the best viewing we had all week.  I was there with Jeff, Mark Prouty, Henry Dyer and John Goar. It was quite dewy but we were still getting 13 magnitude galaxies and Jupiter was stunning.  Henry had a great time with his scope, which was working quite well.  It was great to see a student of John’s there working on his Messiers! We had quite the view of the Great Red Spot from Jeff’s scope before he broke it down.  The red spot was very red last night. We were a little shocked upon entering the site to see quite a few campers over across the lot, but the place we view was clear.  Apparently, there was a run set up to go throughout the night as the runner’s were continuing to run up to 100 miles!  And they did come through the scope field well into the night.   It was fun to amaze some of the people in the camp with views of Jupiter and the Moon!  This was a great practice run for Camp Delany!  I am looking forward to many star parties this year! Clear skies!20160407_194557_HDR 20160407_194643_HDR