A Message from our Friend Arthur Lee

I recently image I took from central Oregon this month. details below

Finally got this image after trying for 6 years. It lies low in the south and best imaged in October. Hard to get clear, steady air that late in the year for an object that never rising above 20 degrees, even from Oregon. Luminence is a combination of white light and H alpha images. Color is from an old image I took in 2010 with a Canon 40 D. I recently went to the AIG (Astromomy Imaging Group) annual conference in San Jose. It was very useful and I have tried a couple of tricks learned to improve image detail.

For the non scientists this a a star (seen in center) that is going through final stages of turning into a white dwarf, recently shedding it’s remaining hydrogen surface. It is called a planetary nebula because of its roundish shape similar in size to planet images in the telescope. Some have called this one the eye of God due to appearance similar to human eye.
For the inquisitive there is a 16th mag galaxy seen near bright star on the right edge of the nebula and also a 18th mag galaxy just above the date in lower left. Also at the very top left to middle there are 2 short streaks.  I believe that is actually a faint asteroid moving during the time it took the images (2-3 hours). There are two streak because the light images were obtained on 2 different nights with the asteroid moving between the image sets.
Luminence was taken with a 12.5 in telescope at F 6.7 using SBIG 8300 camera using clear filer (2.5 hours, 20 x 8 min) and H alpha 5nm filter (3 hours, 12 x 15 min), Color came from old  Canon 40D using 2 hours, 16 x 8) using my AP 155 mm at F 7.
Arthur Lee

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