Super Moon Eclipse Party

We had a great time Sunday night watching the Super Moon Eclipse.  A big shout out to The Oak Table for letting us use their parking lot!  Not only do they have great food, they are very community oriented!  We had several telescopes and binoculars to look through and we had about 40 public folks, adults and kids,  who enjoyed looking.  I was most pleased with my 101 year old viewer! What a lovely lady!   Jeff and I always enjoy talking to folks about astronomy and were very glad to so many people there. Thanks to Doug, Frank and Cliff for bringing their scopes and binoculars. 

The Moon was quite dark as it was coming up.  It took until it was about 5 degrees above the horizon that we were able to see it, but during totality it gave us that amazing red glow.  We all had fun using our smartphones to take pictures through the telescopes!  Here are some of my pictures from last night: