Olympic Astronomical Society

September Hurricane Ridge Star Party Recap

We had a wonderful time up at Hurricane Ridge last night.  We had 7 scopes to help with about 100 people who drove all the way up to view the night sky.  It is such a pleasure to talk with the folks that come from such a long way, some as far as Seattle! Saturn made an early appearance which is always impressive!  After the public left, we had several hours of viewing, the skies were stunning and the dew wasn’t bad thanks to the slight wind that was blowing. We are not used to being up there in September, so it was nice to see Orion up so early.  Venus also made a stunning appearance in the early dawn!  I loved seeing old friends up at the Ridge!  All in all, it was a very pleasant, if not exhausting, night.  Now on to Camp Delany!

Clear Skies,  Linda

All set up

Sun is setting

The belt of Venus

Early morning Venus, a jewel in the sky

Venus with scope