We had an amazing night up at Hurricane Ridge on Saturday.  It started out with the heat cooling off as soon as we entered the park.  The forecast was excellent and right on. We had great seeing and the transparency was just fine.  We had no dew and only slight breezes after 2 AM.  The temperature only got down to the upper 50’s at night and the bugs were almost non-existent.  

      Friends from the Island County Astronomical Society showed up and we had about 60+ public observers that we had the fortune of showing the night sky to.  The Milky Way was brilliant and, darn, did it ever make it hard to find guide stars for our dim fuzzies that we were looking for!   Jeff and I ended up napping for a short while at 4 AM before heading home that morning.  The sunrise on the mountains was spectacular and we had local deer and their babies keeping us company. 

       All in all, it was a one of the best Hurricane Ridge Star Parties that we have had so far.  We are looking forward to August 15th!  Hope you can all join us!



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